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RW is a private company founded by Dr. Arletha (Angel) Lands, a Kinesiologist in Exercise & Wellness, Master Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist, ARC Reflexologist and Orthopedic Specialist.

RW offers reflexology massage therapy and chronic nail care in-home spa services for seniors who suffers with various chronic illnesses such as poor leg circulation, arthritis in the joints, lack of energy, migraines, slow recovery time, depression, sleep disorders, urinary tract conditions, and overall joint pain

In 2001, RW was founded by Dr. Arletha (Angel) Lands a Kinesiologist of Exercise and Wellness, Doctor of Science in Occupational Therapy, Master Physical Therapist, (MPT) and certified Reflexologist. RW operates under the umbrella of Lands-Physiotherapy facility in Oakland, California. Since 2003, RW has been providing innovative and reliable therapeutic treatment solutions to senior living in assistant living facilities and private homes in the Alameda and Contra Costa county Bay Area.

Our Story

We take our seniors health serious

1,000 Happy Customers

To keep our customers happy, RW provides customized treatments to each of their customers. To stay competitive in today's fast-paced health industry, it's crucial for RW services to continue growing in this fascinating industry and not only keep pace with - but to enhance our ability to service the many common areas and specialties of seniors including neurological and orthopedic.

Our Professional Team

RW has a professional and certified team that work together to restore seniors overall joints and articulation process.

Why Us?

RW provides innovative and reliable therapeutic treatment solutions to seniors in the comfort of their own home. RW commits its services to rehabilitating any physical functions seniors may face in their physical daily living.

RW provide services that limit pain in senior's physical abilities to perform their active daily lifestyle movements.

RW devotes its time and effort to keeping up with our vision and has made our professionals and certified Reflexologist a number one success in the lives of many seniors.

RW focuses its efforts on creating a greater therapy to prevent illness and improve overall health maintenance that meets the personal needs of their senior clients.

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